Wind Turbines Coming to Virginia Beach

As I’ve tried to make clear throughout my blog, optimism is key to excelling in your passion. You have to look forward to bigger and better things ahead and cease from dwelling on impossibilities. Where am I going with this?

Well, as I’ve previously discussed in my post, Wind Turbines: What They Are And Why We Need Them, wind turbines are incredibly essential to the planet’s sustainability. Also, wind power is in high demand right now which is great for the environment and economic growth. This is wonderful news, especially since the thought of wind turbines were seen as impossible creations at one point.

Right now, Sweden is doing a wonderful job transitioning to an environmentally conscious country. Like I mentioned in my previous post on turbines, Sweden is surrounded by them. 

Other countries that have jumped on the wind turbine bandwagon are China, Germany, Spain, India, UK, Canada, France, Italy, and Brazil. Austrailia and the Philippines are getting a piece of the pie as well, as of recent news. Even better, believe it or not, the United States is also on the wind turbine bandwagon! Optimism, optimism, optimism. 

A DONG wind turbine in the UK  Photo credit:

As of July 11, 2017, DONG Energy has partnered with Dominion Energy to build a wind project off the coast of Virgina. This is an incredible win for commercial wind development, however, it will not happen overnight. There is weather to consider, as well as protected species that migrate through Virginia Beach. The plan is to build two wind turbines on the Virginia Beach coast by the end of 2020. Again, that’s two.

Commenting on the project, Gov. Terry McAuliffe stated,

Today marks the first step in what I expect to be the deployment of hundreds of wind turbines off Virginia’s coast that will further diversify our energy production portfolio, create thousands of jobs, and reduce carbon emissions in the Commonwealth.

Well said, Governor. Looks like all hope isn’t lost after all. I’m really excited to see how this pans out as this project is predicted to have a positive impact on New York; we’ll just have to wait and see.

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