Monsanto: An Agricultural Nightmare

What is the corporate giant, Monsanto?

 Simply, it is a multi-billion dollar corporation that focuses on biotechnology and, now, seed production. If you go to the corporation’s website, you will casually notice the color green everywhere. This is a technique used in marketing for persuasion purposes.

Green, for example, symbolizes health and growth. When I see a cool-toned green, I think of trust, green solutions, recycling, nature, and creativity. 

Please, comment below and tell me what you think of when you see a company use green as the main color. I’m interested to hear your thoughts!

Other interesting things to notice are the pictures of soil and happy faces. You know, the kind of happy faces you see in those pharmaceutical commercials where the person is gleefully prancing around after taking the advertised drug. The best part about those ads is when the narrator quickly lists all of the side effects the drug can cause such as cancer, severe headaches, diarrhea, hives, heart attacks, seizures, or worse, death. Then you find yourself wondering if the drug is even worth soothing your mild headache. 

This is what Monsanto is like. It’s like a terrible drug company that uses pathetic PR tactics to cover up harmful, even fatal, side effects and scandals. 

Below, I briefly listed the main reasons as to why Monsanto (many people also refer to the corporation as Monsatan) is bad, bad, bad. 

  • They are taking the farming industry away from local organic farmers. Most farmers don’t use pesticides, herbicides, or GMOs in their crops. They prefer to play it safe and plant organic. Monsanto likes to grow “death crops” next to these farmers. Sometimes, their patented genetically modified seeds find their way to an organic farmer’s land by the wind; it’s an honest mistake. When this happens, Monsanto will sue the farmer for stealing their patented product. Their tactics have simply bankrupted farmers; some of them even commit suicide.
  • GMOs! A genetically modified organism (GMO) is an unnatural and unhealthy organism. Monsanto is putting GMOs in our food and selling it as an agricultural miracle. 
  • Animal testing. They are testing their toxic chemicals, such as Roundup and Glyphosate, on animals. These chemicals give the rats large and multiple tumors all over their bodies.
  • They don’t want you to know about the GMOs in your food by claiming it as an intellectual property right.
  • Their creation of Roundup harms the soil. This prevents organic farming. After the soil is contaminated with this weed killer, organic produce cannot grow there.
  • Dead Creek. One of the many places Monsanto has never taken any responsibility for. The creek is full of toxins such as mercury and PCB. These chemicals were dumped there by the company without any remorse for those living around the creek, as well as the animals living in the creek. I mean, the creek is literally called Dead Creek!

Monsanto is a virus that pollutes and hurts the environment, as well as the livelihood of so many people, especially those in poverty. Nonetheless, activists like Dr. Vandana Shiva fight for environmental and social justice. She never shies away from the truth and always fuels her journey with optimism and passion. In regards to Monsanto’s ruthlessness, Dr. Shiva stated that:

When it comes to owning the seed for collecting royalties, the GMO companies say ‘It’s mine’. But when it comes to contamination, cross-pollination, health problems, the response is ‘we’re not liable’.

To learn more about Monsanto, I recommend going to Dr. Shiva’s website, Navdanya. Dr. Shiva and her team do a great job explaining the importance of the seed, the sciences, and her work. In addition, if you would like to combat Monsanto’s objectives, purchase foods with local shops, grow your own produce, speak out on social media, sign petitions, create an effective dialogue within your community, and research, research, research! 

xo nala official

4 thoughts on “Monsanto: An Agricultural Nightmare”

  1. Accountability breads response-ability. The ability to respond is triggered by thinkers like Dr. Shiva and Nala Tineo. They are beacons enlightening so many of us, simple dwelers of a land we are supposed to love and care for. May their proposals for well being and social responsibility will also be heard by many more so entitites like Montsanto can be accountable for their evil acts.

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